Appeal Process
approximately $250 during the 1990's. To determine the
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cost benefit of this option calculate how much your

property is over assessed. Example: In your opinion your

property is over assessed by 4,000 dollar of assessed

value. The current tax rate in your area is seven percent.

4000 x .07 = $280 tax dollars. If you win your case with

this method your net savings is $30.

Assessment Equity Appeal:

This means excluding land differences your property's

improvements/buildings should be assessed equitably

with others of the same value. Or your improvements/

buildings should be assessed equitably with others that

are very similar in age, building style (1-sty, 2-sty, etc.),

construction quality, (even the same model home will vary

in price from quality upgrades), size (gross living area

(GLA expressed in square feet), condition, and other

auxiliary structures such as deck, patio, detached garage,

pole buildings etc.

Note: Equity arguments regarding buildings are compared

by dividing the building assessment component by the

gross living area. If you have chosen very good

comparable properties and your building assessed value

is more than a $1.00 per square foot difference you should

have a good chance at winning your appeal. Only three

comparable properties are necessary to prove an equity

argument. Do not choose comparable properties that

have partial assessments. This occurs if the on

completion date of new improvement/building is after

January 1, of the current assessment year. If an equity

problem exist you have the best chance at winning your

appeal by selecting the most comparable properties to the

subject property. If you simply choose properties with

lower assessments that are not truly comparable your

evidence will not have much credence.

The Appeal Process:

1. First step contact the assessor regarding your

assessment. Depending upon the current phase of the tax

cycle assessor will advise you of a course of action.

Different circumstances dictate various assessment

review and assessment revision processes. Sometimes

the assessor will advise you to file an appeal. Don't be

offended or intimidated it is your right to appeal. The

assessor does not take assessment appeals personal. It is

just a government process that follows a set of rules.

2. You don't have to do step one. You can just simply file

the assessment complaint appeal at the Will Board of

Review (BOR). There office is in the Will County Office

Building located at 302 North Chicago Street in Joliet,

Illinois. They will notify and give the assessor  a copy
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of the appeal.
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